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Feeding The Fire (Live On Fox 7)

Another Midnight (Live at Bucks Backyard)

Changing Color (Live at Bucks Backyard)

Fever (Live At Bucks Backyard)

Undefeated (Live At Bucks Backyard)

Zach Carney (Performance Only) Live @ R&R Studio.

Zach Carney & Michael Alanis perform "Lost on the Island" | SA Live | KSAT 12


Zach Carney is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Texas. He has a diverse approach. Being so versatile and dedicated to creating kaleidoscopic music, Zach often approaches different genres, including pop, soft-rock, jazz, and R&B. Although he is mainly a guitar player, Zach also plays bass, drums, piano, and keys, providing a rather full-rounded set of sounds and instrumentation to his songs. Ultimately, he is a natural-born songwriter and musical storyteller at heart. There are many artists who just look for melodies and catchy hooks, but Zach is all about creating songs that have a deeper connection with the audience. Initially, he was driven to songwriting as a way to be able to perform and singing original material. However, he also started writing songs for other people, who would find in him a very prolific and high-value creative partner. His 2022 single, “Feeding The Fire,” remains a stunning example of his artistry and vision. The song’s bright and vibrant acoustic-pop sound is reminiscent of artists as diverse as John Mayer, Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz, only to mention a few.


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